Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Enough is a Feast

A conversation I had recently got me thinking of excess and how very intrinsic that idea is to Dubai. But what if 'enough is a feast'? What if this constant search for more is the reason why the world is so much lesser happier nowadays? Was it a simpler time because we accepted the spouses we were arranged to marry weren't going to be perfect and that compromises would be necessary? Or because we used to accept that love wasn't going to be all doves and unicorns and rainbows.

Its easier to lose yourself in the quest of wanting more. The rat races, the dog fights, the constant up-manship, the games of control just seem to come so easily to so many of us. And isn't that how love stories work today?

"Never meaning what they say, yeah never saying what they mean."

Everybody is always trying to get the upper hand in a relationship; as if emotion can ever be played around with. Everyone is so scared of getting hurt and losing everything that the only currency they can deal in is fear.

We're all on this huge Monopoly board but we're playing the game blind. We're hoping against hope to land on Mayfair or Park Lane before someone else does but knowing in our hearts that we'll probably get Old Kent Road instead. Or, as in my case, get stuck in Jail. We see others buy up the properties we want, but we keep playing, wanting to see how much we can win... or if we can win at all.

But can enough ever be a feast? At what point does a person feel content? Or is contentment just a myth like other myths perpetuated by the fairy tale industry? I come close to that feeling very often but then a small glimpse of love between parents, children and lovers can push me back into the abyss of wanting more. That I suppose is more a glimpse of my humanity than my faults.

I have a lot to be thankful for, but I think it is time I wake up to my reality, the reality that I will always be the person who will keep looking and hoping for more. I will always be glancing around the corner and expecting love to just show up someday. And I've heard hope floats... which is good because I can't swim.